Training is dangerous!

Practicing Ninjutsu is dangerous. Misuse of the techniques contained herein may result in damage to property, serious injury, or death. You should train only with a qualified, insured instructor. In addition, you should consult a doctor or physician before beginning any kind of exercise program.

Purpose of application

The 'Ninjutsu Training' application was designed to complement real dojo training, and not replace it. The app automatically issues randomised commmands, from a selection of subsets specified by the user, at a speed set by the user. This should enable the user to become more proficient at ninjtusu techniques, and in particular, the transitions between them. We strongly advise against attmepting any techniques within the app if you haven't been introduced to them previously by a fully qualified ninjutsu instructor, and feel comfortable in doing them.

The makers of this app cannot accept any liability for use or misuse of it, which includes, but is not limited to, damage to personal property, damage to third party property, minor injury, serious injury, or death.


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